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Industries That Rely on Heavy Lifting Solutions

Gravity exerts a force on every object on the planet and that can create problems for industry, when very heavy equipment needs loading, unloading and positioning for installation. This often takes place in the background and there is a special sector that handles heavy lifting and they have the know-how and the resources to perform heavy lifts safely and according to the schedule.

Here are a few industries that wouldn’t be able to operate without a heavy lifting partner.

  • Mining – Heavy equipment is always breaking down and when that happens, more often than not, they need one of the mobile cranes in Perth to carry out the replacement. Every mine would have a standing contract with a leading crane hire specialist who is at their disposal 24//7 (time is money in the mining industry).
  • Locomotives – Carriages and engines are often lifted when carrying out maintenance and repairs and this highly technical operation demands skillful crane drivers.
  • Marine – Ports and wharfs need heavy lifting to remove and load cargo from visiting vessels; most would have resident cranes and drivers who might be directly employed; either that, or the work would be contracted to a local crane hire outfit. When a boat comes into dry dock, it is often lifted out of the water and onto the heavy blocks, ready to be worked on.
  • Civil Engineering – Building bridges means cranes have to hoist bridge sections that slot into place and these can be extremely heavy and require special cranes. Building skyscrapers requires tower cranes that are added to as the structure grows.
  • Industrial air-conditioning – The units are heavy and bulky and the only way to get an a/c compressor to its final installation location is to use a mobile crane. Once the unit is bolted into place by the installation crew, the crane releases the tension and gets ready for the next one.
  • Transformers – Huge industrial transformers pose a real problem when it comes to installation and they can’t really be dismantled; a mobile crane would probably be able to lower a transformer into place; in some cases, two cranes are needed.

If you are ever in need of heavy lifting, search online for a leading mobile crane hire company and let the experts handle the operation. They would be happy to send a technician to your site to assess the lift, only then can they provide a quote for the project, plus the crane hire firm are fully insured, which is essential in this industry.


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