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How to Upgrade Your Car’s Sound Quality

You don’t have to be James Corden with a celebrity guest riding shotgun to enjoy some carpool karaoke. Singing along to awesome tunes while driving will always feel good and a welcome relief if you’re in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

But if the sound quality in your car isn’t up to snuff, then the experience can quickly turn sour.

Wanting to improve the “straight out of the factory” car sound isn’t something only audiophiles can understand. Low-quality sound comes out distorted or muffled, and everyone can hear it.

Fortunately, you can make simple improvements to your sound system that can produce noticeable results. Here are some tips to get better audio quality in your car.

Replace Factory Car Speakers

One of the best ways to improve sound quality in your car is to replace factory-installed speakers. The truth of the matter is factory speakers are just not good.

Stock speakers are only built for basic sound and sometimes fail to deliver even that. Forget about “feeling the bass” because you’ll hardly get to hear any bass at all. They always tend to sound flat and distorted, making you want to poke a hole in your eardrums.

Investing in quality aftermarket speakers like Pro Audio mids can give you that powerful sound that you can’t get from factory speakers. Finally, you’ll be able to hear the bass and other sound elements you’ve been missing. Replacing your factory speakers offers the best bang for the buck to improve vehicle sound quality.

Add Components to Further Enhance Sound Quality

Getting quality aftermarket speakers is a good start, but you need more than that if you want the best listening experience.

Add subwoofers to provide that heart-pounding boom and thumping bass. Install an amplifier to supply your aftermarket speakers and subs with the needed power. You might also need an upgrade to your head unit to handle the newly installed components.

Consider investing in an equalizer to fine-tune the sounds coming out of your system. That way, you can shape the sound according to your preferences.

Don’t Settle for Low-Quality Audio Files

Your new and shiny equipment can’t help you if they’re working with low-resolution audio. It’s like having a 4K Ultra HD TV and playing video formatted in 360p.

People often compress music to fit more files into memory cards or an external hard drive. While that means you can listen to more albums, it’s not that great for listening.

Higher compression means that the file carries less information. There might be missing details in the music data that make it sound muffled and easily distorted. Try to find original music files encoded in lossless compression for best results.

Turn Your Car Into a Music Sanctuary

Cars have always been a great place to listen to music. However, it’s disappointing to listen to your favorite tunes sounding like trash because of a poor car audio system. With a few tweaks and some investment, you can improve the sound quality inside your car.

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