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3 Tips for Your Next Vehicle Glass Repair

One morning, you are all set to head out to work, but when you get to your car, your windshield is cracked or broken! Time to call your vehicle glass repair shop for an estimate. Once that’s done, and the repairs are done, all that’s left is the aftercare.

Aftercare? That’s right, after your new windshield, there are still things you need to keep in mind to make sure it cures perfectly! Read on to learn three tips to keep in mind after your next vehicle glass repair!

1. Don’t Touch the Adhesive

The first two days are critical for your new windshield and its curing process. An auto body shop will use adhesive tape around the edges of your windshield while it cures. Be sure not to touch or otherwise interfere with the adhesive for those first forty-eight hours to ensure your windshield has the best seal it can get.

In conjunction, make sure you keep your dashboard empty of anything that might put pressure on your windshield. Things like sunshades or nick-knacks may put a small amount of pressure on the glass, but that little pressure might be all it takes to ruin the new seal. Keep it clear for two days and you’re golden.

2. Close Your Doors Gently

Speaking of pressure, the act of opening and closing your vehicle doors quickly can change the air pressure inside your vehicle fast. These changes in pressure can hurt the seal’s integrity as it is curing or can puncture the seal altogether. Close your doors gently for those first couple of days to make sure your new window sets properly.

Another good thing to do is keep your windows rolled down slightly. Keeping them open an inch or two for those first couple of days can ease the changes in pressure brought on by rapidly closing the door or rising temperatures. Rolling the windows down allows the heated air to escape the car, thus keeping the pressure equalized. It’s a good tip to make sure you get a great seal.

3. No Car Washes

For those first critical two days, do not go through a high-pressure car wash. The water pressure used during washing has the potential to either shift the molding or damage the seal on your new window. Waiting two days before going through the car wash allows your molding and adhesive to cure properly and completely.

Even hand washing your car has the potential to disrupt the curing process. Using any type of cleaner on the new window may damage the adhesive, and the wiping motion could potentially shift the molding as much as the car wash itself. Hold on to the temptation to wash your car for two days, then you can wash it to your heart’s content!

Vehicle Glass Repair

Keeping your vehicle glass repair in good condition comes down to taking extra care for the first forty-eight hours after the repair is completed. If you follow these three tips, then your new window will cure perfectly and last for years to come! Your auto body shop can give you even more great tips!

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