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How to Handle Windshield Repair & Few Quick Facts

When you live in a city with rocky roads, windshield repair services would have been done by every automobile owner quite frequently as you can never keep your car completely safe from small things that can damage it. Either way, calling services for windshield repair is very important, due to multiple reasons.

The windshield protects your safety as well as that of your passengers in many ways. A clear windshield allows the driver to drive safely and also protects you if you happen to meet an accident. Not just that, it also helps airbags to deploy properly in dangerous situations so it is very important to keep your windshield in the best possible condition at all times. So, if you ever find yourself in need of windshield repair services, here’s how you should handle it:

  • Inspect: At any given point, regardless of where you realise your windshield is damaged, inspect it to find out whether a repair will do the job or a replacement will be needed. Most companies can fix a crack or chip upto 6 cm with modern and innovative tools. However, if this damage is close to the edges or in the driver’s visual line, a replacement is necessary.
  • Call Services: One thing to remember about windshield repair is – the sooner the better. Call services as soon as possible and get the damage fixed because even small cracks can sometimes weaken the glass structure entirely. If you drive around with a damaged windshield, you will put your and your passengers’ safety at risk as the glass can collapse at any time.

Now that you know how to immediately handle windshield damage, here’s everything you need to know about the simple process of windshield repair in San Jose:

  1. Does Not Take Time: Contrary to popular belief, windshield repair is actually a very short process and takes around 30 minutes before you can drive your car off. It might take around 2 hours in case of a replacement but regardless of what many people believe, you’re not required to leave your car at the mechanic’s overnight.
  2. Three-Step Process: Windshield repair is a three-step process that first involves a thorough inspection. Then, a liquid substance made of synthetic or plant origin called resin is poured over the crack to fill it in and ensure it doesn’t spread. Once done, the glass is polished and you’re ready to go.
  3. Mobile Services: One of the best services you can now opt for are mobile services so don’t forget to ask your company if they offer them. With this, the company will send mechanics to the address you provide and you can continue your work without any dent in your schedule.

This short guide is enough to help you navigate windshield repair in San Jose. For the safest services, make sure you contact Glassfixit, one of the city’s leading auto repair services that you can rely on. The next time your car’s in trouble, call Glassfixit!

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