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Electric vehicles are steadily growing in popularity as the costs drop, giving many car owners a reason to make the switch. In terms of cost per mile basis, an electrical vehicle (EV) can cost you a quarter or less of what the standard diesel or petrol car can cost you, enabling you to save more on each journey. Other than that, here are other reasons why it feels great to own an electric vehicle.

Environmentally friendliness

One benefit of an electric vehicle is that it is environmentally friendly and thus healthier for you. Electric cars have zero exhaust emissions, so there is no way of producing nasty fumes that pollute the air. That makes them cleaner, greener and environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel cars. An electric car features a plug-in hybrid that pairs a small battery and an electric motor with an average range of 30miles.

Plug-in hybrids run in an electric mode do not emit any tailpipe fumes. Fewer emissions mean fewer greenhouse gases enabling people to move towards sustainable sources of electricity. As EV technology continues to advance, we will see quieter EV motors and more environmentally friendly batteries in the future.

Fast and easy charging

The beauty of owning an electric car is that you can charge it overnight in your home and take advantage of lower electricity tariffs during the off hours. You can install a compact weather-resistant EV charging unit in your home to charge your EV conveniently when parked.

With a 7kw charging port, your EV can charge to a full capacity within 5-10 hours and be ready to go when you are. It is fast and easy to charge your electric car, thanks to EV chargers NZ. Rapid chargers speed up the charging process, even more, giving you more convenience of using your car.

A quieter driving experience

The quietness of an electric vehicle offers a far more enjoyable driving experience, a more relaxing and comfortable drive, unlike the traditional diesel-powered cars. An EV features an instant torque giving you power right in your hands. When you accelerate, it responds instantly. EV batteries are located on the car’s floor, giving it excellent weight balance, so driving through corners and curves is effortless. That makes them ideal for city driving.

Cheaper maintenance

Unlike the traditional diesel and petrol-powered cars, an electric vehicle is cheaper to maintain. Running an EV is more affordable in the long run, from enhanced fuel efficiency to taking advantage of low electricity costs. The three primary components of powering an EV, including the onboard charger, inverter, and motor, are designed to make the vehicle as efficient as possible. There is little stress on the engine, less wear and tear, and fewer moving parts susceptible to damage. That means repair costs and maintenance are minimal.

The future of cars is electric.

With new technologies coming up to enhance electric cars, the future f driving is electric. The innovative technologies promise to reduce the charging times, improve automation, extend range significantly, and improve safety.

The bottom line

Evs provide unmatched value and are ideal if you are looking for a more cost-effective way to move around.

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